Additional revenue stream

Make plushies of the mobs in Oort. I would easily spend $20 on a chicken-goat stuffed animal.


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I know they plan on it in the future, but it looks like the money counter on their site has not moved in a few days. I personally do not really want to upgrade my package to the next level but I still want to give them money to keep things going during development.

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Not true, they have not confirmed merchandise for the game, the closest thing we have seen are the armbands which they have handed out at events

I feel the same way, it was also suggested to add a direct ‘‘donate’’ button, so not a shop and you wouldnt get anything, but it would allow you to donate from time to time to the game whenever you had money, @james responded, seems that he thought about it, but in the end it was concluded that it would be kinda messy and there was a bit of indecission whether or not it was a good idea, and if there should be a reward or if they should count tracking, etc etc.

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That´s because it only counts the purchases from the homepage. The purchases from steam are only added once a month ( around the 20th)

Sales are slow at the moment, 1. because it’s summer (in the north) and 2. potential players are waiting for future game updates. We’re working on 2, and waiting on 1.


Yep, we are waiting patiently (almost) for any information we can get, i for one am really curious as to how progression will be done in the game, but that is slightly off topic i imagine.

so, we never really got the answer in any of the threads cause you guys so elegantly steered away from it, are you planning to make merchandise? and if so would it be possible?

Go devs go! You can do it!

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