Advanced lock bug


hay @vdragon I set up some work stations with an advanced lock everything is working fine except the request baskets. When the person with lock access places coin in the request basket it disappears. gone … poof*
so far i’m out 12,000c. i will live but you might want to take a look at it

Here is the location. I left one of the baskets with the lost coin in case it will help.


Just one question, does @kimclausen have access to this area, judging by the name on the sign?


no just the lock


when I put coin in it stays


Just to clarify, is it one of your alts that has this issue, or someone else’s character?


Kim is someone else not one of his alts…


it’s someone els


just to be clear the following poste describes what I was doing.


I also placed a lock next to nothing but a shop stand and sold oort shards in it. No one is allowed on the lock yet today i came and someone did buy from it. This is weird since i could see the shopstand highlighted in red (secured by lock).


Hi @Jeffrotheswell, using the replies listed above, I gave Advanced lock permissions to a character on a separate account (not an alt from my account). Continuing with that character, when it came to setting a budget, it seems that the number of coin is not being registered and just reverts back to the previous amount.

To illustrate with an example, this is the Request Basket:


An attempt was made to add 500 coin:


But then it reverts back to the ‘Add Coin’, meaning that it’s not possible to change the coin amount, so there’s a bit of mis-prediction here and it will be added into the bug database.

For confirmation, can you check if that person with the lock access had experienced this?


Advanced locks do not stop players from buying. They only prevent players from setting budgets or taking profits from Shop Stands.


yes he says the coin disappeared after about 2 seconds.


And does the coin disappears from his inventory as well? In the test I did, the character in question did not lose coin from the inventory screen as a result.


I’m not sure. I will contact him and ask.


@kimclausen do you know if you lost the coin yesterday when you dropped it off?


Ok thanks for the clarification.


I tried several times , it stays for 2 sec then it’s gone , didn’t even help if I put something to buy


do you remember if it gave you those coins back or were they lost forever?


Not back on my person , and not to be seen on the floor either , so gone for good :frowning:


Do you remember how much coin you have prior to this, and how much did you try to place on the Request Basket?