Advertise your request baskets here


What type of stuff are you trying to sell? Plot number 1 is mine…

I need to recoin for today tho, will do so in a bit and farming has caused a slight shift in items I want to buy…

I sell mainly anything grindable. If I can mindless grind the same thing for hours and hours I’m happy. Sand dirt clay rock foliage leaves and anything that comes with it. Right now I’m mining shimmering orbs. I pretty much look at every basket I can find. Find something I can grind for hours that wants ALOT. And farm it. I like the grind. If i can mindless grind it for hours I’m ok with it. And prices do t really bother me because I grind so much even .33 adds up over time. But if the basket isn’t wanting a huge quantity I dont bother. First thing I look at is quantity. The price doesn’t bother me as long as its something

Thank you aenea it was nice meeting you


Thank you!

Baskets buying pretty much every base material are recoined daily.

Buying 100k worth of oort daily in the hub too if youre quick, that always goes fast though.


@FireAngelDth thanks for putting ours on here! Mine is all hunt drops :slight_smile: I try to sell them for about a penny more than what I buy them for to keep my prices good, request baskets are checked daily and refilled :slight_smile:

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@econodog also has a good selection of request baskets at Sydney City Markets. Accessible via most major networks, such as PS Boori, TNT and Hunt Hive.
Not so much for dirt and other stuff like that, but just in case anyone is looking to sell other loot.

Oh dont tailor your ads toward my wants. I created this topic so we as a community can get a listing of what’s still active. It’s just good knowledge to have. We have a active shop thread going now we have a active basket one too

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Appreciate the ping but been taking a bit of a hiatas lately and havnt even logged in in like 2 weeks ahah

Lol, 100k…dude you put 500k in yesterday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. And last i checked there was 160k left. Come get it!

Lol. That was for 3 days… give or take 200k.

For once i thought id try not exaggerating. Haha

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I will set up a good few baskets today evening, heading on 5 day vacation so will set up a good amount of baskets if people wanna sell :+1: will make a post about naturally :+1:

Thanks for the shoutout tho :ok_hand:

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Noooooo! Who will buy my hammers now??? :smiley:

Me? Oh wait… that would mean I have to start actually playing again and stop forging. :sweat_smile:

Well, start playing again and stop that silly forging nonsense will ya! :smiley:

Duskmoor also has its own shop full of request baskets right next to the city center and portal hubs!!! Many shops in our city and in the Duskmoor mall are also set up with request baskets!!!

Last time I came to you, you said my money wasn’t welcomed (slightly… okay very exaggerated) :cry: But I will buy more in the future :+1:

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Lol, that was when I was just getting back to forging more after health stuff.

Now tho…

I just made a forumpost about what I buy and sell :+1:

In Duskmoor, capital of Pheminorum, right next to the Galactic Gathering and city center, we have a shop with a bunch of request baskets for many of the forging brew materials and other items!

You can get to Duskmoor from most of the big cities/guilds hubs and tons of other shops, and Hunt gathering places!

I have a bunch of baskets that I keep pretty well funded in my shop in Gyosha Mall. It’s Risty’s Thrifty Outlet, shop #418 at 1570N, -948E, 65. There are portals to the shop in Autumn Dell, Legendville Mall, PS Hub Gyosha Ophin, and Gyosha Syndicate Travel Center.

I’m buying low tier animal drops, surface rocks (oxide grey, oxide yellow) mushrooms (all colors), brick materials and oort at my shop at Circa I PS (the old shabby house)