Advertising to bring players in


So, there are a lot of threads on here talking about wanting new players to come enjoy the game and see what they’ve been missing in life. About how fun and rewarding it is when a new player comes up to us asking for help or pointers. Well, why don’t WE try to get out and do some positive advertising for the game ourselves? Even if it’s just something as simple as popping on the reviews of, say, atlas, and write on there,“game is good, but not boundless good”. You know stuff like that.

I know it’s hard to have to put the controller down or mouse down and step away from boundless for a few minutes, but I believe something like this could definitely help exposure.

Your thoughts?

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I’d say people can but only in the off-topic/appropriate section. If someone came in here on General raving about the new FIFA game my first instinct is to click Ignore.


Right now word of mouth, good community and maybe groups coming together for making funny Boundless videos online would be ideal


going to Steam to contradict the trolls would be of help to. Since we get the game through steam we already have a membership and those who are checking the game out read reviews it will help to give the true version of what the game is like.
The good and the bad. Every game as something that a player doesn’t like no such thing as a perfect game so stating you wish they did this or didn’t do that shows that you do play the game.

To me, the company needs to advertise the game and show a more accurate video of the game. Many have remarked that they feel the video paints a picture of what is to come not what is here and they feel it is misleading.
Stating this is what we have, are working on and this is in the plans and on the drawing board.
I do know that when I was trying to find out info all I keep finding was businesses that were called Boundless, none on the game except on Steam and they were mixed.


I’m part of a huge gaymer group and have been showing pics and vids of boundless on our FB page and Discord. I have managed to gather a few of us together and some others are asking about it. Problem is a lot never even heard of the game. It makes it harder to promote when the site has content that is not out but is in trailer… will still keep at it.


Maybe we need a fan made trailer to help promote the game! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


And LINKS to this site. Just started a thread on that. Couldn’t find a link to this site from their main site, which is, in my opinion is a huge mistake to not have made one. Those who do visit community/forums will lose interest in a game if they can’t find info and make a decision on buying it after they read what players have to say.
If my son hadn’t bought this game I would have Not have bought it without reading posts on a forum. My thoughts were what are they hiding that they don’t want to public to read, that the game sucks and the players hate it? Otherwise why can’t I find a forum that gives me info on it?


So who is going to volunteer to dress up as an Oortian and go around shopping malls or road junctions holding a sign? Anyone? :smile:

“Beep if you’re Boundless”

“I Build for OORT Stones”


I volunteer as tribute!


Need bumper stickers that say " I’m here for the Shards!"


I used to be an adventurer but then I took a meteorite to the knee


I never took a meteorite to the knee but those wildstocks can pack a wallop


Ok youtube review on the way.


Exactly. If it’s a non-specific gaming forum have at it, but going to the site of a different game (with the possible exception of posting in off topic/etc, as you say) and posting what amounts to an advertisement is usually frowned upon.

All for spreading the word though, in general. The guild update is soon and should alleviate some concerns (hopefully!) that people have with the game.


If you need help getting any in game footage lmk be willing to help - please send me a link when your review is up I’ll gladly drop a comment and like!


Jiivita made his own Boundless trailer to start his streams, maybe he’d be willing to share it with a few people.


Will do thats I not really a reviewer but maybe I can get a few hundred people interested in the game.


Oortian Recruitment Center. Tell your friends.



Let’s not pull one of these: Differences between Hytale and Boundless?