Advertising to bring players in


:rofl: Bahhahhaa…made my day! LOL!


I try my best :wink:


How can you help?? Go visit people on Twitch who are streaming Boundless. Build the numbers of viewers. The larger the viewer numbers the more prevelent the game is on the lists and the few people trying to get the word out will continue streaming this game. I finally quit streaming the game after nearly 5 months because there were no viewers.


How about someone make music videos and song parodies? Any music talent out there?

Certainly helped MC a lot, imo.

Especially TryHardNinja. Dat voice. :heart_eyes:


Also visit Dad and Dax plays games, the dad is a member of the community and he does a good job of showing what the game is really like. Someone wanting to see what they need to learn would gain from watching his videos and enjoy watching him and getting a chuckle at his goofs.

he is on YouTube @DonBab is the person who does the videos. Support him also.