Advice Needed - new player


Hey folks, new player here. I’ve played about 4 days and have been trying to get a feel for the game to get ready for the world relaunch.

Anyway, I made it to about level 20 in 3 days without too much of a hassle, and learned the ropes up to a point. Now it’s REALLY slow to progress, and I even switched to more of a battle spec (which helped somewhat) to gain XP a bit faster. I am assuming that there will be FAR more players and activity when the game relaunches this coming week. Any tips on avoiding stalling out around 20-22 would be highly appreciated.

Is there any way to dual spec a character so you can switch between 2 builds (say, one for crafting and one for fighting)? I don’t want to juggle an army of alts.

I hear bunch of folks talking about hunting to power level early on but it occurs to me that is gonna be a bit hard when the crafters are going to have to keep up so you have the weapons needed to progress. Anyway, wondering how you can power level ahead of the gear? Seems like a catch 22.

Is there a Private Message channel in chat?

How can anyone survive on a tier 3 world who isn’t spec’d for fighting? I get my ass kicked on tier 3 worlds even when I put a bunch of points into combat (granted I don’t go fullbore because finding stuff to buy is not easy right now so I have to craft somewhat). What level is survivable for tier 3 solo against combat build and non-combat build?

Let’s say you have a crafting dude and a combat dude. Can the crafting dude build for the combat dude or only give him the mats he needs to build himself?

That’s all I can think of for now.



You can private message people, yes.

And it does kinda seem to stall at 20ish, but once you get used to needing more (its just the early levels are a bit overly easy, is what the real thing is) then it seems okay.

I know people really hype up power leveling via hunting, but I don’t like that as an option until 30+ instead I’d recommend mining. You can always sell material to people for coins to progress and buy tools. In fact, you’re more than welcome to work with me when the relaunch happens if that’s what you wanna do.

Join the official discord if you wanna talk to people -


You can have up to 3 spec for every char, but they come empty so you have to earn skillpoints to spec them.

Your alts is in your friendlist, so you can give them access to your base with stores and machines etc.


Be on the lookout for community hunts after launch. Also - bomb mining is incredible for leveling but takes a while to setup. If you want to expedite leveling, you can always craft (or buy) some Teaching food.

Yes. It’s /pm [player name] I believe. It only works if you are both on the same planet.

I would recommend mining, saving all the rock, and using 20+ crafting tables to mass craft the rock into stone. You’ll hit the crafting feats which give a ton of XP.

Your level doesn’t matter. What matters is your Vitality and Kinetic Resistance, and to an extent Power for killing. Consider investing in Shadow Step, or whatever it’s called if you’ll be on the planet a lot. It decreases the mobs aggro radius. Besides that, look at your compass. It will tell you where the enemies are so you can avoid them.

You can set the permissions on your beacon to allow your alt to access machines/storage/etc. So you craft on your crafter, put it into storage, and switch to your alt and take it out of storage. Your characters can share the same base.


to give my own personal opinion with the current lay out of skills and etc

  • mining is the fastest (per hour) to level
  • Crafting is joint first? (as i hear it - i don’t craft much myself tbh) but thats once they have craftd (some items can take a few hours per/perstack)
  • Hunting is second maybe? (for skills you need the sling bow epic… a few in slingbow normal (second level tier) some ealth regen (an epic you should have by now - at least unlcoked) and maybe near max in vitality and energy (top row) i agree, those worlds are real tough now and the balance is a bt sucky)

I guess it comes down to what you prefer to do -

as for secondary skill sets, i have seen a few vids/screenshots where the player has Skill set 1> skillset 2 so yes i think you can, but i hear only once you hit the soft cap of 50 (you can essentially level infinately with every level above 50 needing 200k xp per t ime)

Hope that helps?

As for PM, you unlock that forum perk after posting a few times? (might be time locked to 24/48 hours)

EDIT: sorry i was consufed you meant forum PM… but pm in game is @Playername and yes they have to be same planet


Thanks for the info.

Bomb mining sounds fun!


It is <3 so fun


To level faster I would say join the community hunts or join a guild. Combalt is the best way to level so far. There is may guilds out there Portal seekers, cuttlepunk, aquatopia, ilominorti. Sorry for any misspelling XD.


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