After the Update (PS4)


Hey Guys!

I cant open my Chatbox in PS4 with (All and single-Chats)!
The PS4 Crash everytime Down with an CE-34878-0 Code!


On the Ps4 Pro of my girlfriend the same thing happens! as soon as she opens a chat, the console breaks down and a CE error code appears!


I am also experiencing this.


This is an issue for me as well


Thanks for the reports, we’ll take a look at this.


It’s really a very annoying bug! Was written privately and can not read anything! But you will definitely get it! :slight_smile:


Quit Application then relog but dont use chat lol


I had the same, then system software crashed trying to relaunch and it did a storage check afterwards same as if there had been a powercut… worried about retrying now!


Same here have submitted report


Chat works for me now after quitting application then relogging…nvm cant change channels or then it crashes


Unfortunately not with me! have even restarted the PS4! Still does not work! But I have to go to work anyway - let’s see what happens tonight!


Have a good day Strykey!


Thanks! U and all other too!


Hello all,

In case you didn’t see my reply on another thread, we’ve got a fix for the chat issue and we’re working on getting it out soon!

Thanks for the reports!


Thanks Sam!


Had no idea where to report this, on ps4 happened twice and i can repeat it sadly.

I went to a purchasing basket to sell 100 of my bark, i open the basket put my bark down. O didnt really like the price so i cancelled the sale. My bark is gone and i did not get any coin, tried again with yams bc that hurt a little T_T same thing happened.


So there is a bug for the shop stalls i can repeat it over and over again, buying or selling the cencel button completes the transaction, except when selling the item disapears or gets sold for 0 coin.

Its bad, the other day i bought a pie and it didnt charge me after cancelling the purchase, i still got the pie, sorry shop owner.