After the update, the grappling hook works differently

Maybe it has actually been this way for a while, but I just started testing again because of the update. :wink:
You used to be able to spam the button for the grappling hook, every time you clicked it would enable you to move. Now, the first click deploys, and the second retracts. If you try to do rapid movement vertically in this manner, it is either extremely tedious or just does not work. I am very sure a lot of this has to do with the animations that are being deployed, but I dont know if this is working as desired or not.

  • I havent decided if this should be in support or not, I will leave in suggestions for now -

The grapling hook run was extremely overpowered to be fair. The same went for the climb.

meh, it was also insanely easy to kill yourself with it.
I think that kind of balances its use personally, maybe others don’t feel the same…


Also they mentioned that dual wielding grappling hooks will be an option later one. Meaning that it will be harder to use but they should be possible to use for climbing and stuff.


I like the way it works now (also having the dual wield in mind :wink: ) … also, a delay stops people from playing overpowered Tarzan, which will be important for later gameplay. I’ve heard that there are some people now having the prob that they can’t reach some parts of their buildings anymore which is kinda sad, but seeing it globaly the new method is quite more balanced.


You can currently craft two grappling hooks and dual weild them. If you put them in two successive slots, it should be possible to use a combination of keystrokes and mouse clicks to use both simultaneously and swing like Spiderman!

I had this working last night but couldn’t get the keys/mouse working correctly. I will try again and make a video tonight.

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Now I just have to figure out how to work both of these at the same time.


Yeah, after some experimentation I can use both at the same time.
Its a bit tricky at first, but not too awful.
It will be nice in the future if you can use L-click for the left hand and R-click for the right hand. Fingers crossed for the Skyrim-esque functionality!