Alcyon Though


I got a little exo burnout. I saw the new planet announced today and said to myself “meh, I’m going to alcyon”.

Alcyon is my favorite planet to mine on. And apparently she’s been lonely.

I took a nice little lava bath and since I wasn’t wanting to eat a pie for this, I left without finishing my hammer:

Those screenshots were so nice, I just wanted to share them. Quite a bounty I guess there’s been plenty of time for regen :heart_eyes:


This is a good reminder that I should go to Alcyon for my Copper needs. I’d kind of forgotten it was decent for it. :thinking:


All the metals all the time, it’s the main reason I love alcyon. Plenty of coal to smelt what you take and a sprinkling of fossils. I don’t mine specifically for gems a lot but I did go to ruby hotspot I have saved today.

I wasn’t thinking of it at the time, I wonder if I could have caught 5 metal types in 1 shot. It was so thick today a couple of those pics have 4 of the 5 metals in them.


Is there a specific altitude you suggest mining at to get the most, of all the metals assuming one doesn’t care
much about titanium and mostly want the other metals?


I mine on Cardass just to see if I can eventually find that single vein of oort lol.


I’m giving the new exo a skip myself.

Was on Galan and thinking about Malaria soon. Good old Mothers of Plenty.


I mine alcyon from 0 to 24. Titanium is scraps only. Also something like 70 of those gems were diamonds.

Sometimes I get distracted by the giant veins of metals on the way down though.


Alcyon always been my planet to go for metal. Since it was out. Lonely T6 “metal” world.


I recently moved my base to Alcyon, because it has great access to lots of the resources I look for.

Been having the place to myself for a little while, but now you let the cat out the bag that might change! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::grin:


I just noticed last night that you’re the viceroy there. I’mnot sure how long that’s been the case but for some reason I was like, oh, fidach.

Since I managed my first round of the t6’s it’s pretty much been my favorite. Mining has slowly taken over a lot of my gameplay and I just find myself on Alcyon again and again.


I’ve been trying to find the Portal Seekers Portal to Alcyon for, for, like forever
and I cannot seem to. I want to visit. My home planet is US East Tana VII, help me find my way anyone?


I like the route from Gravidias through their Hunters Corner.

Proceed straight across from the portal across the gleam river and slightly to the left.

Keep going straight across to the next portal after each portal. I don’t remember exactly which planet you find the portal on but keep looking on the sides of the HUB until you hit Norkyna or Houchas.


This the portals layout for every planets


Outstanding huge thank you!!! :hugs:


Very, very much appreciate