[Algar Vace] --[Umbris Tier 7 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


now that we have water that’s my next desire. would be awsom if a shovel and the gathering epic could gather imbeded recorces.


Dang, so expensive to get there, now :wink:


oops, i was on the wrong planet, here is the correct one

And here is the portal that I opened to the non existant exo world



What’s up with this?


I suggested once that ores be implantable in rock the way that grass is in soil. Wouldn’t need to add or change anything except make using an ore on a rock turn it into the mineable ore graphic.


When an exo leaves the universe its danger Level goes up before its gone.
I believe @majorvex did a Video About it.


I know, but it shouldn’t be in the world list, nor should you be able to open a warp to it.


True that. But its interesting to see nontheless. Good catch.



I’ve seen this firsthand and it scared me a little :open_mouth: