All 255 colours listed and actually grouped by color?

I feel like a tool for being unable to find this, because surely it is out there somewhere.

I’m looking a list of the 255 colours, sorted by actual colour, not by their ingame ID. I wouldn’t mind the ID being on the list as well, but as I’m sure many other before me did, I’m making a colour storage, and i need to know how many “blue” sections to make, how many “greens” and so on.

I checked all the usual sites and api’s, found some great lists of all colours, none of them sorted by “base colour”, or allowing me to sort them.

Please help before i pull out my own hair and make a complete list in Excel my self :wink:

Hope you all have a great weekend.


‘Color grid’ and ‘Condensed’ tabs


Perfect, ty so much! :slight_smile:


Helped me out as well thank you so much :blush:

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been looking for a resource like this, thanks!

Add 1 to get in game color numbers