All good, all sorted, dont need help anymore! :D

Can anyone send me screenshots of different coloured gleams to go in my new parody video? i cant find them all D:

Tawas has GORGEOUS green gleam.

I have Green Gleam from Cshrime ^^

Thanks guys, I have plenty of green Gleam from Vekil, and pink from Lleb.
Looking for blue, purple, turquoise, white, red and yellow

I’ll get a red screenshot if you give me a few minutes

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Ahahaha I just found red on Folva, dont stress D:

No worries.

I’m mostly through collecting them all, sc inc.

Yeah I have a lot now, still hunting for yellow. I have a gold?

I think I have the yellow and faded yellow. sending em now

I want you to give me an block of each :smile: I might need them sometimes ^^

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I have a kind of not-secret stash, Add me on steam :slight_smile:

blue ones on oppoh

gleam is different colors now? where do i find blue or purple?