All is Fair in Love and Boundless I Hidden Gems Series [Ep 20] Boundless

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Thank you to RobZadouch for allowing me to share yours and your girlfriend’s story! It was fun touring Bartleblu!


Hey @PixelatedTwix the farm is the build I did for @Lowbeam (sadly he gave up on the game)
I also am doing (if it ever gets finished I don’t know) the City centre towers/fountain/chalice and the little brewhouse with the post office.
The castle/house is from @SClayton and the real medieval build in the back is from @Nyuudles
the other builds or by Hvitr and @11Elvis11


Pretty cool to see one of my builds popping up and I’m really glad it’s still there since I wasn’t able to play for quite a while (Months by now? My gosh, I need to renew my subscription! T-T).
Thanks Pix!

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You’re welcome!!! This is why I like to explore and show off builds I find.

They are all gorgeous! It’s now on my top faves!