All the little things i did to promote Oort

I really love the concepts of Oort Online, and while i haven’t bought the pre-alpha access yet, I did alot to help and get people exposed to the game :smiley: i was a little advertising agent i guess… lel.

I went to reddit and started threads about Oort Online in various subreddits of voxel games,I went in 4chan and made various topics about it showing my excitement about the game ,I started topics about it in various forums, i contacted some mmo-coverage sites to inform them about the existence of this game, i started talking about Oort in gaming streams to make people interested in the game, and i also talked personally to ALOT of people in omegle about it, and some more stuff!

I’m pretty sure im responsible to exposing this game towards thousands and thousands of people with my fanboyism… lol. i feel like there is a huge competition in the voxel games genre with alot of promising games… i really want Oort to work!

Though it’s harder to get people into this game when there isn’t any combat or character models yet… i’m sure it will be amazing tho when they will come out!

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That is incredibly awesome! Can you post the links here so we can upvote them?

Well about the reddit ones…

Well most of them are too old by now and at least 3 of them got deleted already (one by me, because someone complained about it and it made me feel a bit guilty)
Here is one that is still pretty up there:

Here is another one (and a rather sneaky one at that XD) that i just made right now: