Allow Mousekeys - Accessibility Options

Dear devs,
I would like to be able to use mousekeys for my character’s hand actions. Currently in boundless, mousekeys only works for menu options, not for clicking hand actions.

I use windows mousekeys to click in game to avoid using mouse, for several personal reasons:

  1. I’ve had carpal tunnel since 1993, and depend on vertical mouse and mousekeys to avoid flair ups.
  2. This vertical mouse I have is the only one I have, but it clicks so loudly it wakes my roomate. If I could use mousekeys, I could play without disturbing his sleep.

Where abouts in the world are you? In addition would a logitech M570 work for your symptoms? Due to a number of injuries i have a variety of vertical and trackball mice. Occupational health at recently sent me two of these one for work and one for home, but they also did the same six months ago. Im happy to post it to you (or a convenient address that doesnt involve giving out your home address :grin:) as long as the postage isnt nuts.

I have a logitech Vertical, it’s amazing,
But there’s times I would like to give my whole arm a rest. A diff mouse cant really do that for me (and I have tried). Being able to click with the keyboard can give me the rest I want.