Allow us to add multiple predefined decks in the forge

It would be cool if we could add multiple decks to the centraforge, before forging you would have to select one deck. This would allow us to have a deck to forge level 6 tools with durability, a deck to forge level 6 tools with a random third boon, another deck to forge slingbows, and so on.

That would allow us to start forging faster as we wouldn’t have to switch ingredients. The other solution is to have multiple coiled forges which isn’t exactly cheap if you start with forging.


That would be awesome, yes!

I now have quite a few forges all coiled up and designated them for certain types of forges but still when doing many of the same type in a hurry (like yesterday due to the T7’s) I do 1 batch per forge and had to keep changing things around in my decks…

On a related note, could the bug that the text popup does not show please be solved? It’s a pain to search for the right boon compound especially since draining and corrupted are both very dark, when side by side I can tell the difference but not by themselves and having to press triangle on many sub-stacks to see what they are is a pain!

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