[Alpha IV] --[T7 - Savage Blink Exoworld]--

Ich habe jetzt 2ss gras. Hat wer interesse daran?

I have Goo Kernels from this Exo in my shop at DK Mall.
Allrounder Shop.
Y 22/24

Plants and Mushroom you can find there too.

Thank you

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Completed Atlases are up in the Exo Cave as well in ShowRoom USE stall B7 as well as location tokens. (Location tokens are also stocked at the Exo shuttle at DK Mall)

Locations include, Ash, Sand, Gravel, Ancient Corruption, Thorns, Tangle/Growth



Got a token that said all of the trees where there. But I can’t see any ancient ones :frowning:

Maybe someone grabbed them all and didn’t Regen? Did you already try tossing a Regen bomb?

Regened the entire place and there was none.

But I walked to another “island” and finally found some.

Should be some mixed with the foliage… I was there day one and got the ancient from there. It’s not a full tree on its own.

If you can’t find it then could be a chance I put up the wrong token but if it’s a forest then it should be there… I won’t be home until mid day tomorrow I can check it out then update you. :slightly_smiling_face:

The token lead to a sand area with lustrous and twisted.

But 200m away there is a forest that has all the trees!

Yay so technically I didn’t screw up… lol😜

Wonder why it didn’t save on the spot where I did it :thinking:

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i really need gladeflowers from here please willing to 10c each


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