Alright hear me out

What if we all made a trading post where rather than coins we make a place to post our orders then we can put down a mailbox for people willing to trade for some mats from you therefore helping with the lack of coin problem


Can you please phrase this in a way that makes sense?

If what you’re thinking is a board where people trade, then I’d be up for it. But how would it help with a lack of coin problem?

And what is the “lack of coin problem” in the first place?

I’m talking about the whole less coins in circulation problem and if we trade mats rather than coin we would be better off
And to clarify I mean a space to post what we are looking to trade and have a postbox for people to message and tell us that they would be willing to trade u it if u give them something in return

And it wouldn’t fix the lack of coin merely help with the frustration

So just help with the frustration on lack of coin?
Its really easy to make coin with the chrysominter, why would there be a lack of it?

A trading basket would be nice though


Don’t get me wrong this is kind of like the post office and exchange spots that already exist in game.

Post office can kind of work like this I also used to have one. It works with advanced locks and storage options (coin and items) think Anea’s post office still exist in DK mall (as an example). It is a location where 2 people can trade “offline” it does mean both have to be friends in the first place so the owner can set the lock.

An other version are the exchange locations. Where of multiple also still exist. You can sell base mats to baskets and buy other base mats in return. Usually an exchange doesn’t make a lot of coin as they are basically just offline trade locations. (Coin prices may vary from buy to sell but don’t forget the tax as the exchange pays tax when it buys and sells.)
There are more but this is of the top of my head:

  • Terra Nova’s Terra Exchange (still a bit to go until ive fully funded the baskets)
  • Fantasy tree
  • eresho next to dk hub (bit back i was there last)

There are 2-3 more exchange locations i am sure of but cant remember where they at.

I like your trade idea… but it would require both parties to be on and if someone needs something “yesterday” they don’t want to wait an extra day. (Thats me, just saying :grin:)

Just pointing this out :wink: because it has been tried and post office/exchange is what actually came out of that.

Un less you are talking about a meeting spot like “traders square” (for example).

Also want to point out:

  • as a mostly poor oortian in most cases that it is by choice… there are enough opportunities to make coin but i for one i am to “lazy” to go and gather for it…(spend my time mostly building but still)…
  • thats also why if we want something specific we post on the forum.

*just how i see it and not to burn down your idea :wink: *


I can’t stress this enough but making coin isn’t the issue everyone can mint at the very least…
Just saying yes its a waist of mats but coin is “makable”…

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Yup her post office should still be there I think it’s D/E65


Iam buying stuff for about 10 millions coins.
And can buy the same amount again.
But no one sells me stuff
And I have to gather EVERYTHING ON MY OWN.
There’s a lack of people who selling mats.
But absolutely no lack of coins.


Where do I sell this stuff for 10mil coin?


Forged with love @Redlotus


Iam buying a lot of gleam too on my gleam farm.
1millions coins 2 go!


How do we get to your place again?

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Tnt southside
Second floor


I saw this, but I just don’t play enough anymore to make the effort.

A year ago? Yes.