Alt-Tab issues Win 10

Hello, I have noticed that alt+tabbing out of boundless will usually result in a windowed version popping up. Clicking away from the game will cause the window to disappear and trying to access it again from the task-bar will result in being unable to interact with any other windows and the boundless game disappearing completely. Currently the only way around this is by pulling up task manager and navigating it with the arrow keys/delete key to shut down boundless. I am using windows 10 64 bit and Im not sure if this is limited to just me or not as I have not tested it on any other pcs

This is a similar issue to Fullscreen is not working. We are looking to role out an update today.

Update coming, cool, I have the same issue, win 10 64bit, thought it was just an issue with my pc

The released hot fix should address this.