Alternate character


meh no way of deleting this ?


you should see your alt character in ther permissions tab of each of your beacons so you can give them permission to build, interact and all other options. He just cant rename the beacon, remove it or take the footfall (when prestige 10k+).

Good point is that your alt gets cubits for himself quickly at the beginning, so you can financiate your next alt with him as well or take plots to use as a second beacon next to your 1st char’s one so that you can have even more space :wink:


and be aware of the skill tab that those need more skillpoints so for example if you are lvl 20 you have 40 points. You could use all of those on one tab or split them on two tabs. You get Skillpoints still after max level (also cubits) so they are only really useful when reached max lvl allready :wink:


Thanks. It took a little while for my list to show my alt :confused: my B, I understand that alt system now. But splitting one characters skill points up bewteeen two tabs leaves both tabs uhhh gimpy doesn’t it


on this way it’s no pay to win and also you have something to work for after reaching lvl 50 (max). Also, some people use 2 tabs earlier for using one for crafting and the other for their other prefered gaming method. On this way they don’t have to use clearance points when reaching 50+ because they don’t have to “clean up” … but yes, that takes a longer then to max at least one tab ^^

For the alts: It’s good to have one alt as a crafter parked in the home beacon. To be a good crafter mostly needs 10-15 lvls, which you can get quickly by just crafting with all the stuff your main is hauling in ^^. On this way you can concentrate your main on one or two different tasks to work more efficient while your alt makes all the dirty work at home. Of cause so your main doesn’t gain the crafting xp, but at least you have more skillpoints for stuff you need for your main game focus :wink:


I just don’t understand. :frowning: It’s a mmo and it takes time to level , that’s part of the fun. But if I’m level 50 and I’ve got ONE skill tab. Obviously all my points are on that tab. So if I buy a second tab … what is the point . I then to to somehow get a skill respec token and then split my points up?? There is a set amount of points right ?


you reach the max ammont at “fictive lvl 150” (only called 50+ then) … you continue to gain 2 skillpoints and (i think) 300 cubits each level after 50 (where the xp you need stays at a same level each lvlup :wink: )


to expand on what thebirne said each skill set can have a maximum of 100 points,but by level 150 you will have 300 skill points which is the needed amount to max all 3 skill sets out. very handy for planning out your skill sets.


So you can max out all skills on one tab then ? Every single skill ?


So you can have 300 points and the tabs. One tab for hunting … one tab for gathering crafting … one tab for building. Alll three tabs maxed out for there respective roll?


100 points is just enough to fullfil one role nearly perfect or two quite good … try the skill builder page Valkirth mentioned :wink: … .so One char = 3-6 roles (but still not ALL POSSIBLE in one char :wink: )


At Level 50 you have 100 skill points.

You can only use 100 skill points in a skill set.

At Level 100 you have 200 skill points. If you buy another Skill Set you can switch to that, and spend the extra 100 points there.

At Level 150, you have 300 skill points. You can buy another skill set and spend the extra points there.

You CANNOT spend 300 skill points on ONE skill-set.
@Steggs101 @james I never realized how unimaginably difficult this is to explain to new players…


Ohhhhh. Ooooook :+1::slight_smile:️ I’m going to just trust your guys info. The skill system is bonkers … so I’m just going to trust you all instead :slight_smile:


A second, or third skill set won’t be useful until after Level 50.


yeah, it may be confusing at the beginning, but you get used to it :wink:


Most people make a second character, and level them up to Level 15 or so, and put their skill points in Crafting.


Thank you Thebirne:) And Valkirth is always so helpful, they get me :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not seeing a point in alternate characters now though If you can max one out across three tabs with all of the aspects of the game It’s fine though … lesson learned


it takes longer this way (cuz leveling gets way slower after ~30), but if you bring time and don’t have problems with staying on tier 1-4 worlds (which is also possible, especially if not the hardcore miner or hunter) feel free to do exactly that :wink:


Ahhhh I see. Lol. Thank you TheBirne Excellent!!