Alternate character


It takes like 5-6 hours to get a character to level 10-15, then put all their skill points in crafting, that means you get 15 more skill points to use on your main character that don’t have to go into crafting.

It helps you level way faster.


That’s like a “tip” that needs the be posted above every topic and in game building structure in the game lol. There isn’t anything wrong with this games system mechanics , it’s just not cut and dry like most cookie cutter mmo’s. I’m scared that people are retooling and redesigning systems that only need to be communicated better with. Or I’m just slow… I don’t know at this point It’s not overly complicated and it doesn’t require a whole lot of patience to understand either. Hmmm where does that leave us. Like I said … maybe I’m just slow.


If, then it should be better communicated ingame. We as a community help as much as we can to make the mechanics clear, but since not all people come into forums or the official discord this may not reach everyone. I like the system as it is and hope that they don’t change it just because of “people don’t get it quickly”. But let’s see how it develops: It’s just the 1st week with masses of really new players arriving, so we all should keep our eyes up and have a look how they get into it and how to improve things … devs on their part, we on ours :wink:


Yeah. I’ve met a few people and they ask me things that I’ve already asked here in the forums … so hopefully THEY will pass it along as well… and so forth. Hopefully


I’m still not clear here. I have one character at level 18 with skills spread over a range of things, including crafting. So should I take I take a respec and take other skills (hunting? mining?) and create a new character and make them the crafter? From the thread above it seems like you get the same number of skill points but split over two characters, which doesn’t make much sense to me.


Each level require more xp it’s quicker to have 2 alt at level 15 than have 1 at level 30