Alternate skill trees question

Hello all, i purchased the extra skill tree yesterday before i got off expecting i would be able to have a different set of talents to switch between without having to create another character. in the short time i messed around with it though i noticed that when i switched to it i did not have all of my skillpoints to respend on this new tree. It seems as though i would have to use my normal skillpoints specced into this alt tree, so is it really just a waste of cubits seeing as theres not enough skillpoints to unlock everything on 1 character in the first place (nevermind splitting those skillpoints inbetween two separate trees), or is this a bug and i should be able to respec a separate tree with what ive acquired for points already?

You cannot use the same skillpoint in two skilltrees (as it says when you buy it). But you can level to 150 at which point you will have 300 skillpoints to distribute over three skillsets.

you get 100 points for 50 lvls if you have 2 skill trees you can choose to split them how ever you want so its 50/50 or you can grind 50 lvl more for maxing out both skill tress :slight_smile:

(1 to 50 gives 100 skill points total)

I personally think and alt character is a better choice until you have skill points saved past 50. But that’s just me:p

I didnt recieve that message when i bought it, and i also was told that you dont recieve skillpoints past lvl50. If that information is wrong then im more than happy. And youre saying you can max out a skilltree with everything in it, and do you recieve double skillpoints for having two skilltrees?

you still get 2 sp per level, up to “fictive lvl 150” (cuz after lvl 50 you are 50+) and can chose where to distribute them, but not more then 100 pts in one tree (which is enough for one role as a pro or 2 roles as semi pro)

Pretty sure you got this screen:


Which reads: “Skill Points earned in the future can be spent on your new Skill Set or existing Skill Set(s)”

You keep earning skillpoints at the same rate so most of the time tehre is no point to a second skillset until you are passed level 50.

A skill tree can have at maximum 100 skillpoints which you have at level 50. At level 100 you have 200 skillpoints so then you can max two skilltrees.

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At lvl 50 the xp you need to lvl up stays the same each level, so don’t fear the higher numbers :wink: