Alternative crafting materials

since nowadays its almost impossible to buy bones, mantles and other monster resources - can you please consider giving us alternative materials to craft mosaics and marbles eg - plant glue and replacements for mantle - craftable or farmable

dont tell me go to hunt yourself - 1st - i hate hunting, 2nd - i dont have few hours for hunting, ill rather buy necessary materials - but cant

the prices of bones are riduculous now - when i started playing (6 months ago) there was tons of bones at shopstands for 1c, now its unable to buy even for 10c, same for mantles


Why you want to nerf hunting?


Had I known there was a demand for creature mantle, I would have sold those instead of using them as a recipe for ancient vital essence. I’ll try selling them at my small shop the next time I hunt.


Due to gleambow and the snow event, there’s a big shortage of hunt materials right now. It’ll come back in the coming weeks with normal hunts returning :slight_smile:


I’ll start selling my hunt leftovers this week. I’ll save you bones and mantle :grin:

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That’s just the market, innit? Sometimes a resource is all over and cheap, and then there is a sparsity and the resource becomes hard to come by.

On the other hand i have no drop off point for my creature resources yet and would be happy to deliver them to you on a steady basis.


The ‘fix’ would be to get people interested in Hunting again, as @almund said, this would nerf hunting and the amount of coin people make who partake in that.

I think it’s safe to say we should just sit tight for a little bit longer as I’m sure when we get shields, it will add a totally different aspect to hunting, therefore bringing with it an influx of creature goods (which I am really looking forward to having bones + mantles, as I have been uninterested in Hunting myself) :smiley:


dont get me wrong BUT

  • average 100 players playing daily
  • divided for 4 different timezones so
    average 25 players for each timezone
    divided by 2 cos some playing at morning, some at evening so around 12-15 players at the same time ingame…
    most players are from NA,
    i have work, family, normal life so i really cant hunting at 2 or 6 am…

I’m sorry, but I always get a bit irked when people spout incorrect figures about player numbers.

Concurrent Players ≠ Total Players

There’s currently… 169 players right now with a peak of 181 over the last 24 hours… again, this is concurrent players, not total players and this is for steam only.

I’m also in agreement that making hunting more interesting and varied and less of a chore and less “samey”, will hopefully hook more people into wanting to do it. This will then bring the sale price of hunting goods back down again. I honestly don’t think giving farmers complete access, and thus control, over every commodity is the best thing to do for the economy.


@Stretchious your the best

I bought about 1200 bones yesterday for prices ranging from 2-6c. Had to explore a bit visit bunch of planets, compare prices, run for 2000m several times because there’s no way to figure out the right portal for each shop and so on.
Tedious but doable.
I wrapped up my search in about an hour, but I was buying some more stuff. As a plus I checked out bunch of awesome builds :smile:

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I’ll trade some bones and mantle for beans anytime OP, if gathering is more your thing.

Then what are all those NA players doing on my EU home planet? :wink:

As in: how do you get the idea that most players are from NA when I come across lots of players that are not on a daily basis?

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looking for less inhabiited area?
and most hunts are at prime NA time

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Still does not prove there are more NA players…

Fun fact: in what region were more permanent planets added last year? Hmmmm


This is a MMO. You are not supposed to do everything yourself. If they give alternatives for everything, there wont be any exchanges between players and it will make the game die.
For a game like this to work, you have to make crafts require different “jobs” and interconnect everything. and they did a pretty good job at it.

You can make a post to hire hunters, i am sure you will find some.


Granted this is over a year old and is also about all Steam users, but still shows only 17.54% is from NA, if I add all the European countries listed here then I get 24.26%, I didn’t add Turkey even tho it’s often added to EU regions, plus this chart does not list many EU countries, not even the one I’m living in so the percentage is actually much higher.

It seems highly doubtful that Boundless will have more players in NA considering this info…

But it’s really not all that important tho…

There are plenty of EU players and hunts suitable for EU players. I’m from UK, work office hours and been on loads of hunts. I know its a time commitment but 2 or 3 hunts can bag you at least 4 SS of bones, and loads of other mob parts. I’m not keen on hunting in current state but when I need resources I will go on a hunt for about an hour and then leave. Not only do you get loads of mob parts but loads of oort too, which you can sell to buy more mantles and bones if needed.

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I think this is a symptom of the state of the game and it’s playing population. The item sinks are not balanced well with the current playing ecosystem. When you have 1,000 concurrent players the market will have greater volume. Now that there is only 100 concurrent there simply isn’t enough players to supply the demand. Thus we need higher drop rates, lower number needed, or more players to play :slight_smile:

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I am a west coast NA player and I mostly see hunts happening while I am at work. I have yet to see one during my normal play time for what it’s worth.