Alts vs skillpages balance


Alts currently beat skillpages in early game efficiency. Your XP scales by your level, so if you start building a new skillpage before hitting lvl 50, your main skillpage now has less points in it, making it less effective in gaining skillpoints while still increasing the XP required for the next level.

I’m not really a game designer, so is there some way to make them more balanced?


I mean realistically this game is supposed to be played with others in mind. So really we aren’t supposed to be able to do it all. Alts are a way around it(as are skill pages but with more restrictions) but people asked for them(begged/pleaded/made their case etc) to get them and now this is what we are left with.

Though with that said it would be nice if when going to a different skill page it started at level 1 and went to 50(tho what takes more XP 1-50 or 50-75). That would make it more in line with different classes/jobs/etc in other games. Which if not actually paying attention or doing your research it’s easy to think boundless works just like those.

Tldr; in short I agree it would be nice to see some balance changes.


And in addition the 15 minute cool down is against skill pages too. I would love to gain levels on one character (for me the speed at level 50 is good), but at least within home beacon the cool down should not be there.


Good news! In your home beacon the cool down IS not there!

I just wish that any beacon of my main and alts in the same settlement as my home beacon would all count as the same thing for this. Many a time I just need to run back and forth to a certain spot before I can switch skillpage…


Please no! Otherwise I would have to create beacons all over the place to switch between a skill set for fast travel and back…

The problem is not with skill sets, alts and switching. The problem is that the current talents have huge problems because they mix different things.

There is no reason why crafting requires 3 skill pages nor is there a reason why crafting talents exclude hunting talents and vice versa. That’s the problem. We can have everything, but it’s balanced by annoyingness. That’s not required. You don’t hunt more efficiently if your hunter would be able to bake bricks… why do these talents come from the same pool?


Perhaps you misunderstood me. I meant that not just the home beacon of my current character has no limits for switching but that within any beacon of the same settlement owned by me and my alts would count the same as being my home beacon.

I have many different beacons even on my main char in the same settlement but have to run back to my workshop to switch skill pages since there is my home beacon even tho I was in a beacon of that char in the same darn settlement as the home beacon…


That would make sense. Free in your home settlement.


Maybe its a side effect of all that brick baking that make it impossible to hunt effectively.

I completely agree with this though. Just allow us to be able to do what we want. The economy will be fine because people pay for the things they don’t want to do once they can afford it.


Yay, thanks for pointing that out. Actually, after writing my post, I thought - did I really test it ? :laughing:

The point is I have 3 alts and just one “Beacon” using as workshop for crafting where I want to switch skills. I can’t set this one beacon as home for all alts and that’s likely the issue I misinterpreted. So at the end of the day “I wish I could set any beacon with full access rights as my Home and have no cool down” :wink:


It’s the reason my workshop is on two beacons, my main and my crafter the two characters I switch skill pages on a lot…

Still annoys the heck out of me tho when one of them is a few plots in the other’s beacon and the game tells me I can’t and then move a few spaces and boom, I suddenly can. It’s weird…