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my englisch is realy bad, so i have made some pictures 4 you.

Her you can find us

I hope there is some cheap deal 4 you =)

See you !
[Make Boundless, limitless!]

Trading for new players

This is one of my favorite shops. Guess inventory might start disappearing a lot quicker now.


Same here, it’s my go to store if I need something in a hurry. A good selection of items, decent prices and inventory. I’ve never used request baskets but heard there’s always a decent amount of coin there.


Hey ho

Daily Update & Restock

Have a nice Day :v:


Currently my go to place, wished you weren’t advertising cos it is a little gem on a shop!


Another regular and happy customer here :slight_smile:


Do you buy RR feathers? I’ve got like 10 I’ve been trying to find a decently priced buyer for. ;)c


I use this store daily, lol. Love it… last night they were buying rr feathers for 3800 each at basket or 4000 for handtrade.



@Donmango Why do you wish that we do not do advertising?

@domasede thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

@Coolpants thanks for the answer and using the store :+1:

Have a nice evening :v:


I think Don just means you’re going to get a lot more activity probably, as you are intending, which might mean your baskets as a result of the activity might not be stocked when he comes by :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just some selfishness I think we all share when we find a shop like yours :smiley:


Thank you for being our regular customer.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ah okey I think that is very unlikely at the moment because the trading network is down, but we will see.


Plenty of places that buy those. I know one that buys them at 5k…


Advertising means competition on the baskets haha




Lmao…Bad Aenea Bad lmao :astonished::smirk::wink:


She does lol


Aloha :v:

Daily Update

Have a nice evening :raising_hand_man:

@Donmango There will always be market competition even without advertising. I think we do not have to be the best. It is enough if we know that we are damn good. (Thx @AeneaGames
for your attention :yum:)


Hello everybody :v:
Restock Forum Upload ~03.09.2019~







Have a nice evening :raising_hand_man:


Buying them for 5k at nova coin converters


Hey hey I love it when my favorite bookmarks update their baskets! :smiley:

I’ve been using your shop since way back and am glad I haven’t had to delete this one due to inacitivity!