Amethyst for emeralds


Have 125 amethyst need 125 emeralds. Any takers?


Can’t craft a gem changing chisel?


I’d need to compact them first and I’m 125 short of mass craft. Already have the 50 refined amethyst just need emeralds.


I’ll take the 1:1 trade. I have the Emeralds.
When and where do you want to make the trade?


I’m on minorengle can meet anywhere. How about Gyosha mall for convenience?


Sounds good I’m gonna load up and head there.
What’s your IGN?


Will be eep. Meet me at the shop supply station.


Not sure about the layout of the mall first time being here hanging out by the portals.


Thank you. Last mass craft until I have all gems needed for max power coils.


Sweet glad to have helped.
Always a pleasure and I hope your endeavors are fruitful.