Anatomy (creature knowledge) skill

not sure how many skills and professions are planned, i was going to make a post about having general skills you could level such as agility and swimming, but eh, if you guys want it i can try to explain it.

but this is simply a skill called anatomy, or creature knowledge or whatever you want to call it,

basically what it does is that you can use a tool to analyze the corpse of an animal to ‘‘learn’’ more about it, giving you more damage and more defense against the given type of animal as you level up the given anatomy. so things like

Undead anatomy
Canine anatomy
Feline anatomy

and so on, so you have classifications on the different creatures (if they are multiple types such as wolf and dogs would go under canine)

if we do get different skills for different parts of the body removal (buthering for meat, skinning for hide and soul harvesting for the soul) or whatever then that would also tie into the anatomy, the more you knowledge you have about the creature type the more/better materials you can loot.

but i dunno, thoughts?


Please excuse my stubborness, but how would you define a leveling system in Oort? The increase of stats, or the increase of further skills which may vary graphically or in gameplay? I’m a bit nostalgic when it comes to this. The perfect skill/magic/ability level system was in Magic Carpet (2), which had an awesome appeal as a whole game as well. It difficult to break down to the single elements which made this game so enjoyable to me, also because it is way in the past.

My idea of how progression would work in the game, compelled from all of the people who said that yelled ‘‘ITS A SANDBOX SO WE SHOULDNT BE LIMITED’’

player level most likely wont be a thing, but skill mastery should, explained in my other post i linked, i think stats and strength should be tied to gear, but what gear you can use depends on how much expertise you have with the given gear type :smile:

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Oh, that sounds interesting - gonna delve into this a bit more :wink:

but can you explain the leveling system you like? i tried to search for the game but i cant find out what the skill system was about :slight_smile:

Hmm, remembers me of Daggerfall ^^ there you had also skills for each race/kind for extra damage and diplomacy. But I think it would be enough to have skills for each weapon, gathering and/or handle style, so an anatomy for each kind would be to much for me. Doesn’t work well with the motto “keep it simple” :wink:

I’ll try to recall it.
The lvling system was not too complex, and spells always were combined with a relatable visual outcome (spells became more powerful in their way of destructing the environment). The thing is, that landscapes seem to melt (in a fluent and morphy way). So by increasing or leveling up a spell, even more parts of the landscape melt down or morph up. It was very, very addicting and enjoyable. I’m talking about the second edition of Magic Carpet. Which also had cave levels in which one could melt whole tunnels into a seemable solid world.
The motivating aspect was that a spell had to be “reloaded”, which means one couldn’t fire all the time, but one needed to gather mana and also wait a little until the spell had grown to full power again. This means (very important) - one was forced to use lower tier spells sometimes which could be applied more often but weren’t so destructive.
So the pleasant anticipation for a higher spell being at full capacity and ready for firing was even higher (especially because this spell needed to be placed carefully).

yeah not alot of game uses it, its just something i enjoyed in mortal online and project gorgon, a ton of immersion skills.

also it would mostly be a sort of mental relief, given the sandbox nature there is going to times when you need to grind for materials and you might not always find them, killing them might get tiresome but if you get a little bit of progress towards being better at killing them then you feel like you actually do progress for each kill, i mean if you kill 1000 pigs then you should be pretty damn good at killing pigs at that point.

its the same type of encouragement as allowing rare drop, its a way to keep people doing it because they know that the next they kill might drop something amazing.

Yeah, I get the points on it, but I don’t think we should have to much skills … And an anatomy for each kind of creature or group or player race would end up in a large bunch. I don’t mind if there are basic skills to handle the drop rates or damage. For me there is no need for additional anatomy skills. (just my opinion)

yeah i understand. :slight_smile: