Ancient Tech Devices: Where?!


I’ve seen threads, videos and basically everything about ancient tech fragments and components, but nothing about devices. The only thread, a very small one, said Nasharil and Epsilo but weren’t very specific. Where are they?


I would only attempt to look for them on tier 3 planets. I’ve had the best luck though right under the ice line on Vulpto mountains.
oh, always go far away from portals (settlements)


Nasharil, Munteen, Epsilo - at an altitude of 120 ish…

And at the same time you might run into some harder to find gems too…


As of now, I went to Nasharil and used an atlas. It was a mountain I came upon and just found one. It took 15 minutes, but I found one either way. I’ll try that, thanks!


And if you’re look for ancient tech components, there was a lot there, the most I’ve gotten yet.


From my personal experience alturnik mountains are full od these :slight_smile: search 90-130 attlitude on caves (big snowy mountains)


I second that. Vulpto always works great for me.