Ancient Timber is Wonky

Ancient Timber does not place consistently. The wood blocks in the picture below are indeed the exact same block. What is interesting is that each client sees these blocks differently. For example, one client will show them the same and another client would show them different. We were lucky enough to play right across from each other and the clients did show the difference.

The funny part is that Rintoki was saying I placed the wrong blocks. Then she replaced them all only to later see her blocks change appearance.


You can take from both the correct and faulty and get the same stack,
and it’s not just the Timber,
it happens to Tree Trunks too. ,:3

Had this happen a few times when working on Yobel, Nothing that consistent though… very odd :confused:

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if u have Problem with the colors see here ^^

if u mean the texture looks not all in the same direction thid id no bug or something this should be.

I had a similar but different issue yesterday… doesn’t need its own topic and seems to fit here kind of.

If I placed a slab, then placed another on top of it (same block type & color)… then smashed the top one - the bottom slab would completely change color. (I think it may have been changing to the “natural” color of the world I was on.)

Yeah, I can confirm this happens not only with Timber, but also with tree trunks of various kinds. Reloading the game fixes the issue for me (temporarily though, since the newly placed blocks can change color to the wrong one).

Hi @tahru - just want to confirm, are you referring to 1. the different block colouring, or 2. the different wood grain orientation?

Can you share the world and coordinates so that we can check this out?

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We’re talking about the different block coloring,
and we’re in Wardin,
you can find us at [1111, 222, 1111].

But, I’ve already destroyed and replaced the blocks that look irregular according to my screen, so I’m not so sure . . .

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It was a coloring issue.