Another boo boo lol

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I just made another boo boo I put a request basket for 50,000 for 1 rough oort and had 500k in the basket (Q.Q)
Me guess me not open my store for another month :laughing:


Lol. Reminds me of the time I bought 4 rough Oort for 20000 each. :rofl:


Oh Cookie, my :heart: goes out to you on that. I’ve made those oops a few times, and its nauseating every time…if theres anything u need, just ask! You know the community loves u :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


U can open a store in ng if u want

I’ve requested rough lucent before had 1mil in basket and buying for 100k each one time it isn’t fun.


I was gonna open a request basket store but requires c to open lol but need oort for portals I was gonna open alot more portals to it but now I’m short on personal Oort so I put in request basket buuuttt guess me dumb but happens lol

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you are not dumb… you made an oopsie… congrats you are a human being like everyone else :slight_smile:


Its ok cookie . Just join the gleambow hunt tonight and you get dat 1k oort :wink:

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Aw, I wish I’d gotten in on that. :joy:

Maybe I will be interested in that hunt, too.

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Damn missed it again :joy::rofl::joy:

That said I would probably start calling names to my self… (if i did it :wink:)

Speaking of oort have to start tracking hunts my self this week… stretching the low oort supply for weeks now and the “white” exo hasn’t helpt my budget at all :joy::rofl::joy:

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