Another Forging Boon Spreadsheet (Re-organized)

Hello everyone,

The information on this spreadsheet is not innovative, it has been presented elsewhere. I’m looking at getting back into the game and have been told there’s not as many good Forgers as there once were, so I’ve been doing a bit of research to try to prepare myself to learn.

In doing that research, I’ve come across a few spreadsheets but using them looked like a hassle because it’s really easy to get lost in large tables of data.

I decided to separate it out into sheets. Enjoy. Hopefully people find this to be an easier way of using the data - if not then I guess it’s just for me :slight_smile:

If you use it and notice incorrect information please let me know - Thank you!



then you have been wrongly informed there are enough good forgers. can easily forge something on request or max or others. but the more forge the better​:wink::+1:

I think you are correct. There are enough options to get good forged tools/items.

Great work… nice to have a centralized docs. Go learn forging for sure… It never hurts to have more people doing it.


I’ve been away from the game for about a year, can you point me in the direction of some good forgers? Larky doesn’t seem to be around much, and I don’t know what Alwin is up to.

I havnt seen Alwin online in a long time. Ive been doing some forging again. What kinda stuff were you looking for?

Forgers I’d recommend:

  • Fantasy Tree
  • Meteor Memories
  • Marcel
  • HOST
  • Nickkthatsgood/ForgeThatsGood
  • Spoodle :wink:

what about Eitri the Dwarf King??

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What about KArios?

Haven’t seen karios in like 1 mil years hahah is she back ?

I can also forge. I specialize in forging all maxed out items/tools. Perfect items/tools, all clean (no quirks/defects)