"Another Hub" but very different. Place for the builders


If this one kicks off, ill make one on a T3 and will prolly use that also if needed :slight_smile: got quite a bit of interest, gonna see how far we can go. I would rather build all day then mine :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi I hope you create another on T3 planet ie LAMBLIS where I live.I love your idea.I live in a great spot here in my town called COSMICVIBRATIONS. Just across the lava is plenty of space to have a plot from my neighbour elspeth…The sign near portals say plots here for people.Hes done a great job at making a lamblis lush shop n also roads leading to my place and also the main city here not to far from my pyramids, you cant miss my place it’s cold teal glowing gleam structures ,not finished yet as I’m solo player.And elspeth has a shop over lava and a few buildings you cant miss it’s got alot of gleam on the ground.Looks pretty.Your place looks awesome ,I’m loving the colours you’ve used.Have fun!


Got to get this one going first lol, and people will see the potential.
I have time to create and run multiples. But i want to know its worth it.


Thanks to Uni3k, there is an awesome example up of what I am trying to accomplish up at the gallery.


Thank you! Gallery looks amazing, proud to be a part of it!


Couple examples up and more to come, lets get the Art noticed!


Ultima HQ Portal has been added (Lower East side)
Looking for a few other Hub owners to link up.


This sounds cool. Maybe I’ll snag up a portal here to Reapers Repite or The Tower of Power.


Sounds cool! How do I get to this place? I have access to the Portal Seekers, but where do I need to go to find this?


If you head to PS biitula you can go via DBX shop which one level above the biitula portal.
Once you are there exit the shop and go down one floor and there is a portal


Hey you can see my house in the background haha!


Yea, i have added a DBX portal, and starlight citadel. And you can also look for Legendville Mall portals, I have a portal to the art hub there also. And its linked to a lot of places


Its still a huge WIP. But its coming along a good bit per day.


Reapers portal now open.


Link it up, plenty of room
need this to catch on and itll be something awesome for the community


Some more progress at the Tower of Power. I have a few portal open to other places in alder, gyosha and legendville mall on tana 7. Come on by and check it out.


I know yall don’t want anything to do with shops or malls :stuck_out_tongue: , but if yall would like a city portal, I’d be happy to customize one for you next to the Crypt Hub portal (center of the mall).

Amazing builds for sure! :+1:


I got plot #02 for this reason :stuck_out_tongue: Ill be building the inside of the store to match the build and portal. Thanks though :slight_smile:


Right now, I haz a sad.

I’m making a build right now for no reason other than fun and the pretty that would work for this, but there is no way on oort’s pastel earth I can afford a portal there from Storis II.

If anyone wants to look at my W.I.P., take the New Oortia shops portal from Grov Te PS hub and head out the south exit. I’m right there at the exit.


Yea, I will create more once this one is more finished and has more people linked. Prolly a T3 US and T3 EU