Another profanity filter casualty

Hey Guys,

Just a heads up. I tried to make a sign that said
and it is filtered out in game. Attached is a screen shot.


Shouldn’t it be two P’s?

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you mean two P’s

2 P’s but still sensors it, ran into this last week.

lmao! It’s getting late! Fixed.

Yeah, the filter is kinda crazy.

I’m ok if it filters words EXACTLY as they are written but it SHOULD NOT try to be smart and try to block alternative spellings. It’s the root cause for most of these silly filter booboo’s…

I was chatting last week with another Dutch person, I used a regular Dutch word, ‘hear’ but in Dutch it’s with oo, so it’s ‘hoor’, came back as 4 little stars because it probably sounds like and/or is similar to something they want to filter.

This is rather weird if I can’t even use words like that in chat!
Worst part is, I can throw vile Dutch stuff out there which is of course NOT filtered :smiley:

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Hoor in Scotland is the word we use for ■■■■■. (Lady of the night) lol

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The next Testing update after 214 contains a collection of improvements to the profanity filter.


Today I wanted to say something like:
toward Ann’s place

Filter didn’t like Ann’s at all, not even as An’s


This doesn’t hit the updated filter.

Actually I’ll give everyone a little bit more background:

  1. It’s fun to abuse the profanity filter - what innocent statement has it decided is unsuitable now? And this is ok. It’s helpful to get false-positives that we can add to the test cases. So if you find text that it hits and shouldn’t, or misses and should, then please let us know.

We have the profanity filter for a few reasons:

  1. It’s a strict requirements from PlayStation that any cross platform game that supports cross platform chat must have a profanity filter. Without it they simply wouldn’t allow us to publish the game on PS4. And our reading of the requirement is that this filter shouldn’t be turned off. But we’re checking this with PlayStation as some PS4 players want this option exposed.

  2. It’s also a strict requirement with some age rating classification that an online game must attempt to limit unsuitable language.

  3. There are many players (and parents) who simply don’t want to see unsuitable text in the game. Especially in a sandbox game with signs, beacon + settlement names, and chat there are many places that can be abused. It takes effort to keep the community being positive and friendly, and if the game didn’t attempt to limit unsuitable language I think this would be much harder.

So yes - we have a pretty enthusiastic profanity filter - but I think this is preferable to a lazy one.


Ahh good! Thanks!

Many parents are blind to what their children see and will say when not at home or in public.
Some don’t even care or use excused so they don’t have to be more strict on games. My daughter unfortunately is like that. At nine years of age she was playing black opbs that was given to her sons, age 10 and 12 by a relative.
Her reasoning on why it was okay, they live on a military base, many kids are allowed to play such games because dad or mom is in the military and they hear worse.
Asked her so if the kids felt it was right to kill another kid it would be okay for her kids to do so, because those kids parent were in a area where they had to kill the enemy? She got mad at me, that’s different.

Not for nothing, but killing people IS a bit different than cursing.

Aye, you dinnae spell it differently when written out. You can’t let outsiders find out these things… :zipper_mouth_face:

I do wonder tho, does the filter only have to filter English or is it supposed to also filter all the other languages the game supports?

Since it doesn’t seem to filter any Dutch words at all UNLESS they have some meaning in English…

At the moment the filter targets mainly English words. It could be extended to include other languages.

But the problem is that there are unsuitable words in some languages that are acceptable in others. So do you filter based on the sender? Or the receiver?

I wrote “titanium” and the “■■■” got started out. A few days later I noticed the word was no longer started out.