[Answered] Looking for perm planet images

Hey Guys,

So everyone knows I am working on apps to help us all find information we need more quickley and effectivley.

Does anyone have planet pictures of all the current perm planets? I am takkjng about like the pictures of the planets that are put on the exo posts.


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Feel free to grab them from here if you want…


Perfect thank you!

Is this site yours?

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Yup - needs a little updating though. Been a bit lax lately.

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Nice! Would you be willing to share your crafting data or work with me to find a way to integrate your site into the massive app I am building? Maybe like embedding it into the app usng an iframe.

I would be more than happy to add credits to the app for you as well if ypur willing to share this data.

If not I totally understand you have put a lot of work into that site. I like it!

The site isn’t really set up for data sharing (I have no API layer, it’s all internal).

I’ve not fully looked into the API that Angellus was creating, but it might be easier grabbing the data from there?

I’m open to making my data more accessible, but I’m going to have limited time with a big work project coming up soon.


I could work with csv exports if you could produce them.

I will also look into the api.

Thanks @Stretchious!

I do not have the planet images, but I could add them. @Gorillastomp has them in his database of planet and I am already ingesting that data, just not the photos.

World images are not available via my API as well. They are part of the main List/Retrieve World API endpoint. For example, if you want the image for Serp, you can got to https://api.boundlexx.app/api/v1/worlds/10/?format=api and grab the image_url property for the image URL (https://cdn.boundlexx.app/worlds/serpensarindi.png)

All of them should be in the pattern https://cdn.boundlexx.app/worlds/<world_name>.<png|jpg> where <world_name> is the lower cased name of the world with spaces replaced with _.

EDIT: Looks like Azure is having trouble deploying the CDN SSL Cert. It was working, but now it is broken. It says it takes up to 8 hours for the SSL Cert to propagate, so I will keep an eye on it and get it working.

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