AntarVI rock/sand/gravel @ 1c

The Terra Collective is cleaning out our storage.


  • metamorphic rock dark gray.
  • sedimentary rock rust blue.
  • ingenious rock oxide violet.
  • sand dark berry.
  • gravel rust slate.

All for sale @ 1 coin.

There are 4 sets of 5 stands available and they won’t be refilled.

Located @

Portal Seekers AntarVI south (portal @ left side of the road is the terra hub) past the pillar first set of 5 stands.

TNT (antar) right side of portal.
Also available ps lamblis City portal Anterra.
Second set of 5 stands.

The terra hub (antarVI)
Available portals tigg’s tunnels,ps,Hubbit and ult antar. Jacey’s meteor meet.
Third set of 5 stands.

And the terra exchange has lowered its prices.
(Fourth set of 5 stands.)
Available via lamblis hubs PS,Ult and hubbit Portal name Anterra Central. DK’s tree and Fantasy hub portal name Anterra Central.

Again we don’t refill the stands. So if you need it come and get it.

Moved materials from terra hub to tnt portal.
Last call removing the stands in in 12 hours.