Anterra Central is going spooky [last refilling]

Terra exchange has bought its first batch and we hope we cans stay as low as possible.

Spooky orbs we buy at 25c and sell at 35c.
Also already available first batch converted spooky seeds currently buying at 230c and selling at 285c. Bring in al your gathering goods if you don’t want them so the next person can come get them.

Please note out is out. (Split up the batches to give everyone a chance).

Ps+ult lamblis Anterra Central.
Dk’s tree and fantasy hub Anterra central
TNT Antar => Anterra Central.

Personal portals (antar) ult, ps, hubbit, tiggs. Anterra mall.


Added spiders 200c
Added dolls 300c

Please note exchange needs flowers ( clone-, glade-, spine- and or ghost- flowers. Buy 1c) for seeds.
Also foliage (any, buy 1c) to make dolls (and lantarens).
Iron (ore 4c, bar 4.5) to produce nails.


Basket refilled and try to refill several times. (Not really in it to make millions of coin).
Will do the same with the stands.
But ill keep splitting it up for the first few days.

Now also selling spider 200c ill try to add other items asap. Buy cheap (all product ar bought and produced at fairly low cost and not a lot of profit. So be sure to come drop by to sell your gathering materials and buy what you need.

Again the exchange owns coin and materials unless donated all stays in the exchange.

I am gathering for my self not the exchange :wink: it needs to buy the materials to sell. Or ill go stir crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: if i have to fill all those stands and keep them filled.

Last refill for today new batch of spiders, dolls, pumpkins, seeds and orbs available.

Baskets and stands refilled. Refill again later today.

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Great work! Also, random post to allow further updates :wink:

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@Prome3us thank you

Baskets and stands refilled once again.

Last refill off spooky orb basket, stand and spider stand for today.

Baskets and stands refilled again. Last time for today

And refilled again.

Sorry sick the past few days and don’t know when ill be back on.
That said I’ve been on for a sec to fill the spooky orb basket once more.
Don’t know if ill be back on to fill it again before event ends.

Last call last available spooky orb batch for sale and last basket refill. After that it will go temporary inactive.