Anti Gravity blocks

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In the latest thread about logic blocks, @the-moebius made a comment about making elevators by having an alternate fluid that was clearer and could be used like the classic minecraft ‘water-elevator’. It got me thinking about alternative solutions, and I present - Anti Gravity blocks.

I would envisage these being relatively expensive blocks that are used in pairs (so, at the top and bottom of elevators) and where the space in between them was treated as having no gravity. You would then be able to use the ‘c’ and ‘space’ keys to move downwards and upwards in the same way as you currently can with swimming. Maybe they’d have a special lighting effect so you could see where the gravity change begins and ends.

Multiple tiers of block that affect the speed / manoeuvrability while under the effects of zero gravity.
Created from Titan cores (personally am not a fan, but it’s an option if they would end up being too impactful on the server)?
Oort / Spark powered… (again, I’d rather not, but if it’s too heavy a burden on the servers then it’s an option to reduce their usage). Personally I think they should have a fairly low cost. It takes one shard an hour to maintain a portal to whole other world, so I don’t think it should take more than an Oort per day to keep an elevator block pair active (and if people scale these up to make larger areas, the costs add up).
Extra-gravity blocks - what better way to defeat annoying cuttles and hoppers than if they’re stuck to the ground?

My favorite suggestion poll

High walls and gravity ditch… this sounds exciting :thinking:

I sure this toys will require something like gravity gland from highest cuttles.

Also I think it could cause some wear to repaire instead of oort upkeeping


I was in a hunt the other day. I was pulled off the ground by cuttletrunk.
I thought of a game where i had similar experience.

from the game portal by Valve

I was wondering whether this can be implemented in boundless.
I am thinking it is already possible for a player to get pulled by something like a cuttletrunk.
Perhaps a device similar to the picture above could be made in game.
Allowing us to have an alternative of a ladder.
Both end of the device could have a thickness of a sign.
Could enable us to travel vertically (or horizontally across a river , without a bridge hehehe)


I just want repair bombs