"Antique" Worlds

Description: Worlds once inhabited by another civilization although nobody knows why they left.

What they are: Worlds located very far away outside the boundaries of the normal oortiverse although can be seen from normal T6es.They look like normal worlds and don’t ever disappear. The warp cost is the same as from any T1 to Norkanya. Basically very very high. There are randomly generated ruins on them. They contain closed storage blocks filled with random materials and a lore sign. The lore signs can say “dimensional breach. Uninhabitable” or other things.


Norkanova: T6 corrosion. An upgrade from Besevrona and Norkanya. Contains T7 terrain and caves filled only with lava. finding a cave is lethal. Closest to the known worlds at 81 blinksecs. Acessable from Norkanya

Cardan: T6 shock. An upgrade from the 2 shock worlds everybody loves. Caves filled with turbulent water and at altitude 16 , there’s a thick layer of lava until the mantle. Contains T7 terrain… Acessable from Galan at 122 blinksecs.

Kribhuroosarindi II: T5 Blast.A fusion of Mcrib, Kol Huroo, and Serp. Caves filled with massive nearly impassable gleam crystals of the color Silk yellow. If you can get past these crystals, a horrible surprise will await you (lava and water designed to flood the cave and make it filled with stones if hit by a 3x3 hammer. Contains T8 terrain despite being a T5. Acessable from Kol Huroo at an unreasonably high distance of 312 blinksecs.

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