Anvil now open to new residents!

Hi! I’ve built a semi-decent portal hub that’s cost-neutral portals to several useful places (and when it produces more income I can make more portals to new places) and gotten the Sengaki Ultima hub there.

Just saying that there’s nice spots available right outside the portal hub if anyone wants to move in. New and returning players accepted!

Just stop by, I’m on Xyra most of the time, and there are mailboxes all over that area. You can reach it via the Ultima network - Ultima Hub -> US West -> Sengaini.


I’m happy to see anvil restored. That was my first city group I was apart of and I was sad when most of the leaders stopped playing.

Hey Xira, is the hub at the grand promenade that Aridhol was making?

It’s kinda next to it but I’ve gone in a completely different direction architecturally :smiley:

I’m disappointed that as an atlas seller you spelled it wrong both times! Haha

Devs should rename it to Snake. Easier to remember :smiley:

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10 char

Still open! Still plots left!

Wasn’t Anvil a city back in the day? Maybe @Jiivita’s or some other forger?

Was @Aridhol and this is in the same area as that Anvil since it is the same Anvil


Ah very cool glad to see it lives on :blush:

bouncy bounce I got perms on the roads in my section of Anvil! I’m SO going to make an awasome multi-layered horror tentacley black evil naught road!

Right after I rebuild my house which has been bothering me for months. Unfortunatly Chompy let his beacon go and apparently isn’t coming back, so I boxed what was left of his shop up for him and am claiming the land. Which means I get to build a really cool big house/skyscraper/elder horror thing!

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If you want to get an idea of what I’m going to pattern the house and roads after, you can visit the black tentacle monstrosity under Atlas World on Eresho near the Ultima Hub. It’s quite nice. Well I mean it’s quite nice if your idea of nice is evil tentacles and orafices and sharp, sharp teeth at distrubing angles.

There will of course be an anime chick involved in that somewhere in my house, but I don’t want to push it too far and get the beacon deleted :smiley:

Ohoo…I know! I’m going to build a massive black tentacle spiraling up from my workshop with little offshoot tentacles comeing off the ‘tree’ with sort of transparent pods on them.

These pods will naturally have embryos and anime boys/girls in them. And water.

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I know genius when I see it and this is pure genius.

So spikes, branches, or ‘leaves’ or ‘leafish spikes’?

What should come off the main massive tentacle arising from the ground and nestle the anime-people pods under it?

I’m thinking kind of frond-like drooping tentacles. Or sharp diagonal spikes. Each with a pod-person under it. I could do slightly curved spikes? Sort of downward curved ‘drooping’ spikes with a pod person(s) on the underside.

All made of black marble of course. Dark glass is shineier but too green. Black gleam would be the obvious superior material, but this would require more than the Boundless has availabe I think.

You should build one of these in his honor

The pods on your matrix tree should be glass filled with water probably. If you use gleam to light them you could make them a cool color. You can also use gleam to change the color of resin, but it’s non transparent.

Ohh I’m totaly going to do that! A Chompy for Chompy!