Any Aussies wanna play this game with me?



Every time I log in I try to chat with players in game. shout in regions. Run and find people.
Yall are boring as af.
No one hardly chat, responds, communicates or does anything remotely team building.
We just run around ghost towns, its depressing,.

If you are looking for a team mate hit me up!


Yeah I’m on Lutrion and I know your pain dude, most of the time I’m the only person on the planet.

I am afraid that I am a Kiwi though, sorry. haha


Hey this is Bel, I think you friended me the other night :slight_smile:


Sometime it might feel lonely, but sometime, man!, don’t one needs some piece and the resources actually regen :sunglasses:

check out our town on Boori: Cill Airne

if you like it enough, build something around or in it - or just pop in every now and again to check if there is someone around building or crafting or planning meteorite hunt


Awww, I was on the verge of saying I have solo built the capital on Lutrion and have little dreams of people one day coming and settling and building here in the city, but now it would feel a little like poaching!! haha

But hey I’m a very active player if you’re looking for something to do Rolco I never have a problem keeping myself busy in game with one project or another and my dreams and plans are way too big for myself alone to manage.

And I do totally agree Boundmore it’s a blessing to have the entire planet to myself basically, and the odd drip feed of footfall I get always comes as a pleasant surprise! haha But I’ll have to pop over and say hi to you guys, would be nice to meet others playing in a similar timezone.


Lutrion’s former capital is Ashenvale - still there and used to have 3-4 players running around it and building. The main guy @Lynxdragon was very active and he spent money to get a lot of plots to secure needed space and he brought Ultima Hub in there.

It’s a good looking city with some brilliant features, but unfortunately I haven’t seen Lynx around for ages as well as other players that used to be there, so it does feel like ghost town.

That’s inevitable though, settlements spring to life and wither away as players change their playing intensity etc.

We are here and that what matters!!


@wakeNbake lets do it dude. I’m keen! haha, similar time zones!
Or Sigma (Brett) Melb
Add me on steam homie.


Thanks Bel. <3


Yep I spoke with Lynx quite a few times and even still have a build in the city (the big japanese castle). He did indeed have big plans so it really is a shame that he hasn’t been playing. I assume gleam club is keeping his beacons up and maybe he’ll be back in the future once the game has recieved a few new features.

My city unfortunately isn’t an actual city, just a few random buildings scattered on a hillside and some roads between them. I’d love to build and design a city now that I’ve learnt a whole lot more about building though! Again, way too big a dream for me alone.


Do you know my buddy @Jeffrotheswell? haha


also known as @blamejeff lol
of course, from EA times: one of old veterans and one of the legends :sunglasses:


I am building something big myself - 9 months in and its maybe 50% finished haha.

We will get there, even on our own. Nice to get neighbors and builders and crafters in that want to help in a project, but that’s quite hard, especially in AU servers.
In general I think the game has way too many builders with great projects and not enough specialized players who focus on craft, hunting, gathering etc. to actually support all the ideas existing in all the builders’ minds.


often get a pleasant chat and activity with the other players!) go to visit people and see a lot of interesting things) but i agree that most of the time we spend alone :smiley:


Theres almost No such thing as a dream too big for anyone to accomplish. If you want it bad enough, and set your mind to it, you can accomplish just about anything you want! I have faith in ya friend!


Oh I know you are absolutely right about that. Of course I just want to achieve everything immediately and I need to remind myself that good things take time and the satisfaction of months of building coming together is the reward. @boundmore Yes I really do need to come and see what 9 months of work looks like sometime soon! Are you online?


I am actually. Kinda ;p Can log in quick, making video on Storage Wars event I held last Tuesday and might need a break haha


Ah damn sorry dude, I didn’t get the notification of a reply and just saw this as I’m logging off. I’ll come for a visit and poke my nose around next time I’m on.


I am happy just to have my modest little home, I have no idea how people can make such massive structures and flashing skyscrapers, I’m just glad mine doesn’t look like a crappy box hahah.

I made an alt to make me some weapons and food but I want to focus on monster hunting. So I’ll be happy to contribute to whatever drops people need. I’m only mid 20’s at the moment though still a lot of xp to get :slight_smile:


you do meteorites already?

a lot of monster loot to get and also oort stones at the end of every meteorite and that sells for like 200c per


I can do a level 1 metorite no problem, level 2 depends on the makeup, if it is too many cuttletrunks it can get a bit ugly. I haven’t ventured past the t3 worlds yet since they all seem to have hostile atmos and I couldn’t see any for Aus anyway?