Any color requests?

I am going to set colors on a T4 planet off of Delta Cancret tonight. If anyone is needing resources in particular colors, I am open to suggestions! I plan to set colors after the hunt- maybe 8 or 9 cst.

I also made some other planets and opened portals to various resources.

  • Styx - T6 with great diamonds! Portal from Dragonhub>Houchus
  • Detrix II - Portal from Shedu Tier. Good gathering with some portals set up to resource areas
  • Lamentara - Portal from Shedu Tier. Good gathering with quite a few portals set up to resources
  • Niphridel - T4 accessible from the sovereign wall in the dragonhub.


I need Ashen Taupe rock and Cobalt or any darker blue colored soil.

Please and thank you

Z - Trior Lightbringer

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No color requests as of right now, but just wanted to thank you for having Styx public, it’s a great Dia planet indeed <3

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Thank You for this topic, soon ill hop there to explore Your planets and show them in my Diary :smiley:


If Bright Azure (#155) is available in rock, would be nice. Preferably metamorphic, but any will do.

@DarkQueen There are 6 sovereigns with ashen taupe if you look on Boundless Information Station.

Thanks yall! I have still not set this up yet! I will add in bright azure and anything else people may need.

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I got you covered! :slight_smile: Thanks!

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I finally got the colors set and some portals set up. You can get to the new planet (Orion IV) through the Niphridel portal on the sovereign wall in the Dragon Hub.

@DarkQueen I made silty soil dark blue and clay soil night blue. Metamorphic rock is ashen taupe. I made gleam strong lavender because no planets were listed as having it. @VerucaKatt I did not see bright azure as a choice on any of the rock, but I did make sedimentary rock stark azure. @honeybear730 I have flower fields on both Orion and Niphridel. I will put out location tokens and have some portals set up too.


i cant resist, first time i saw Your name, it is resemblance of my fav villager in Animal Crossing New horizon

i present you - IONE
Bez nazwy

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Awww. I shall think of myself as a cute squirrel-like creature from now on. I chose the name Iona for a midieval/viking-ish RPG and it stuck, I guess. I identify much more with a squirrel!!

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