Any ETA on when glass panes won't be mesh blocks..?

Just curious. Have so many ideas but can’t do em… yet.


are chizelled blocks meshes?

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Don’t think so

No they are not.

panes are mesh because they used the sign coding. They will have to recode the pane to make it a normal block and I also have ideas to use the panes. but not in current format.

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I wonder how many block placement directions there currently are, whether there are 6 or if it’s just North-South, East-West, Up-Down? Where placing an East block and placing a West block has the same coding outcome… maybe even with Up-Down being converted into either East-West or North-South. Would be quite a jump to go from 2 to 6 placement directions if the engine isn’t designed that way.

But then how does marble work - does it only have one placement direction? Because it always matches (I think)

i’m thinking. if chizelled blocks arent meshes. try making glass panes take the form of a chizelled block

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