Any guilds with buffs taking on new members?

I have my main on one of the bigger guilds, and my alts have applied to the same.

Bit the buff don’t seem to have been renewed, and my alts have not been added after a week or so, so looking to see if anyone is taking in new members.

I have Gleam Club and I’m pretty active!

Check out Duskmoor on planet Phen …great community and they have a guild with buffs taking on new members… active discord too… Great folks!

I used to go to Duskmoor Mall but PS portal is closed. Had no idea it was still active.

Take in mind that you only get the buffs when you have the guild as primary and they get activated. If you join a guild that activates the buffs on Saturday. You have to wait for the buffs till Saturday. Even when you join a guild and the buffs where activated x time ago. You have to wait till next time.

If you switch guilds you will lose the buffs as well. When you change back you have to wait again till its activated.

I can tell that portal seeker activates their buffs at Friday-saturday night utc timezone. Ask the guild you are in when it gets activated

Hey fidach. Your always welcome with Iconic. Swing by the PS besevrona hub. There is a book out there. Anything else you need to know pm me.

Thanks folks, I’ll swing by and have a look.

Thanks bud, I did realise this, but the guild my main is in doesn’t seem to have activated at all, as far as I can tell!

Ran out and just didn’t renew, been more than a week too.

All right. If you like the portal seekers and might want to join use check the guildhall. We have a wall what shows which buffs you get when you join the guild or a faction. We don’t have place left at this moment for non-gleamclub members. But for gleam members there is plenty of room left. Hope this changes soon

Cool, thanks

The Golden Fist is always accepting new members… especially with gleam club new cap should be no problem… We vote every Sunday in discord what the next round of buffs will be.