Any interest in loans?


I wonder if anybody would be interested in a small loans shop…? Maybe newer players who want to buy that one nice hammer to make their first stack of gems? Or shovel for their first haul of shimmering orbs? People that want help but not a hand out.


a while back some guilds had like a mining deal where you’d get a nice hammer, persist pie, and speed/strength potions all in a “mining kit”. Merlin and Aridhol were both doing something like this.

The idea was you would give them back either a percent or flat amount of your gem yield after you had used up the hammer.

The guilds also offered consulting on how to get high yields, where to mine, etc.


I still do that at Finata Pawn Shop I keep 50% of resources gathered (gems/ore) and I currently have 4 “employees” but still can provide mining kit for 2-3 people on daily basis.

Mining kit consists of 1 t6 3x3 hammer, 1-3 persisting pie and 3-6 speed brew.


The honor system is great until it meets someone without honor. :neutral_face:


That’s why a percentage with a bare minimum is a good way to do it. Something like 1/3rd but at least 60gems


Yup I used to trade 125 gems per hammer with Merlin’s crew, still have several of those hammers left! Glad to see some people still offer those deals.


my guild members and I do this for people a lot too