Any Mandarin speaker in this game XD?


I am good with any English speaker in this community :slight_smile:
Just wondering haven’t seen any Chinese word design in this game so far XD
So I wondering if any Mandarin speaker in Boundless Community, and where they live.

I know a lot of Asia people love to play sand box game especially Minecraft.
I wonder if they found out this game already or not :smile:


Not enough micro transactions in game for them. Lol. Well at least if I compare it to most of the games I’ve played that were made in Asia. But enough jokes.

I haven’t seen any signs in a long time in those characters. But good possibility that there’s some around.


I’m Asian. Wo hen hao.


immediately knew you wrote this timtim xD


Haven’t seen you for long time XD
By the way I move to Sorissi. Come visit my new house sometimes :slight_smile:


i didnt know youve moved thought life took you away from boundless :stuck_out_tongue: will come check it out soon xD


Yeah kind of hard to find the time to play, this why i move to wild and start my new house, will be easier to play solo instead of running the city :slight_smile: