Anybody around using Pale Tan in their builds?

I’ve got 100+ SS of Pale Tan rock sitting in my storage.

I could take some order for bricks or marble if anybody is interested. Farmed a lot of it some weeks ago from an exo because I liked the color and was the one I used to build my home :slight_smile:


got screenshot

Hard to appreciate colors with the screenshot. I’ve got blue and white gleam in this room …

After doing some research I see most orders fo exo rock in the fourms are paying 3c. So I’ve set this price for the rock in case anybody is interested.

99 SS of pale tan rock (3c)
9 SS cold tan stone (1c)
16 SS cool tan stone (1c)

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Where are you at

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Gyosha Mall, 24 Nebula Lane. 100m N of QR, shop is called Nidavellir

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