Anybody else celebrating halloween?

Just wanted to make a quick note, about to go to a halloween costume and thought i would share my millitary sniper costume and wanted to see if anybody else would share their costume

Have a great Halloween everyone

Cheers, Zouls


I sit at home and hope noone rings at my door xD

Ring counter: 3 times

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same :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sitting at Home and translating my Boundless Review into english because of the great Response to it :smiley:

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I hope you’re wearing a pink Oort band under that.


The only treats i’m going to get today are my group projects and homework :joy::sob:

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I was frank the bunny from Donnie Darko


just was out for two pubs and a party :wink:


nuuu its no longer halloween

It’s funny how I think your looks match your name^^ Most of the time it’s the opposite^^

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I was out in the middle of a forest at 2 am chasing children and searching them for contraband. :slight_smile:

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Ah, you’re a boy scout then? or rather a scout leader, man i miss playing smuggler

I was. Last night I was just doing it for my brother and his classmates.

The stories I could tell about playng this game as scout though, one of my friends tackled an innocent bystander in front of his mom at some point.

We would get sent flying at times if we ran fast enough. we always used really annoying 5x5x5 cm wooden cubes, they were damn near impossible to hide

PS: i have the feeling that people think us Danes are insane, would like to point out its not real contraband items, its just a game.

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Soooo, how does that game exactly work?^^ Never heard of anything like that^^

If the game rules involves forced restriction it is damn fun using water baloons. :slight_smile:

I’ll explain to him before you start


its a game played, mainly by boyscouts, i suspect that they vary from place to place but the gist is that you play at night on an open field or in a forest. the children aka the boyscouts are the smugglers, the object is to get some cubes from point A and then you have to get them to point B without them being taken, there are several people with flashlights trying to catch and stop you though, if you are caught they are allowed to search you and take any cubes they find,

which leaves three options

  1. dont get caught
  2. hide them really well
  3. get clever (i used to hold mine in my hands and run really fast, if i got caught i could throw them without it being noticed, after they searched i picked them back up and went for point B)

at point B you have another person waiting who takes count of how many cubes you have gotten over the night, so you play for something along the lines of an hour or two and in the end you find out which person managed to smuggle the most from one side to another.


That sounds really cool.

it is, and quite violent at times. i have been thrown and tackled more than a fair amount of times XD


I went as a zombie tradie callled Bruce.
Here’s a selfie from the nightlcub I work at. (it’s a shame that I didn’t get a full body pic with toolbelt and short shorts and all the liquid latex scars)