Anybody Online?


Is there ever any body online? Ive been on at all times of the day, and theres only ever 0-1 people online on any server, and their unresponsive aswell!

Please explain?


Small community + many available servers… maybe they’re unresponsive because they’re too busy building.

I’ve met at least 2 people and saw them blockface to blockface. We even exchange gleams XD


haha, i understand, hopefully itll get more populated as content gets released.


People are unreponsive most likely because you need to be really close to them to be able to talk to them!
My suggestion, make a post looking for collaborators! The community here on the forum is full of really nice and awesome people who are always willing to help if you just tell them where!
the only problem there are apparently a couple of griefers so it might be best to tell people in PMs so that your coords are not readily available to the griefers.


Hit up my forums The Gathering or my Daily Player Finder, I’m hoping to centralize the concern of lacking players and get everyone actively using those forums to find cooperators.

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I am usually on Lapas in the evenings…and the chat range is limited…if u are too far from the other player, they will not receive the message (I dont know what the range is)

Coming online in Ruchs!

If people were to join we could all see who is online and talk to each other at the same time! :smiley:


Neat. Joined.

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Ahh! I thought the chat was global across the server, that explains that lol.

Ill join that steam community and see how i go.

Thanks for the replies!


Just join the oort forum community on steam and then join the chat!
Awesome great job @TheListo


I made it so that events, griefing attacks, and other things can be posted on there instead of cluttering the forums. Also, you can see who is online :smile:

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Well that would be me! You even taught me how to make healing blocks :smile:

I too only have about 2-3 encounters in-game though I don’t play that much since I have latency and fps problem.

(Asian server please!) :pray:

I hang out alot in Aus servers, mostly Veedle cause le beacon is there XD and I’m in Asia too.

I’ve got more gleams in my collection now. Pass by and say hello if you like O w O

I also play in Aus servers since I find it less laggy than the others although I usually stay in Tawas because of the seaside scenery there. Sure! I’ll try to pass by there and make something. :smile:

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