Anyone found fields of Ghostflowers or Gladeflowers?

I’ve only found fields of the other two (clone & spine). I’m pretty sure they don’t grow in fields, but I figured I check with the veterans.

Thanks for any help!

Gladeflowers are dairly abundant so never had an issue finding them.
Ghostflowers… beside Lamblis, never seen fields of them

They certainly do grow in fields. I’m away from the game at the moment, unfortunately, so I don’t have specifics for you. I can tell you from memory that Lamblis does indeed have plentiful ghostflower fields.

Also, I vaguely recall running thru a nice field of gladeflowers near @Peyago’s Exodus just yesterday…

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Glade flowers grow in fields on Seginiakai (sp?)

Thanks for the information! I’m on Lamblis happily harvesting those elusive Ghostflowers already.