Anyone have a backer key they want to sell?


Just want to make totems :slight_smile:


Definitely curious about this after this weekend’s post as well.

Wouldn’t want any negative account flags but, would buy a key for a reasonable price in game materials. Not so sure about cash/offsite transaction but if there was a dev nod (for the activity not for a seller or a site for it) I would consider it.

How much did the backer slots sell for?


I can tell you I paid 39.99 for explorer. Which might also explain some bug giving regular buyers the access to the explorer fist since it’s the same/similar price.


I would also love a backer key! Soon I will either get myself a new computer where I can run the PC version on OR I will get an NVidia Shield to run it thru streaming…

I want to be able to make the Wayfarer totems myself…


It was supposed to be backer exclusive, right?


yup still is supposed to be…but the strange bug believes otherwise.